Pop! Goes Rochelle benefits the Rochelle Center, a non-profit agency which, for the past 40 years has offered meaningful opportunities to individuals with disabilities and their families to assist in achieving their goals for quality lives and community inclusion. The Rochelle Center serves a wide variety of clients, from those who are largely independent and, with some assistance, are able to lead full and productive lives, to those who require 24-hour medical care and monitoring. The Rochelle Center assists clients and their families in attaining and maintaining the best possible care, work opportunities, and daily interaction for those family members in need.

Rochelle-2“I visited the Rochelle center for the first time last year and came away so moved and inspired to do anything I could to assist this wonderful, but underfunded center in the heart of our community,” said Pam Tillis. “The long and short of it is—and I cannot overstate this—they are long on tenderness, love and skillful care of their clients, and short on badly needed funds. It is for this reason; I teamed up with the Rochelle Center for this fundraising event.”

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